Full Range of Our Caroclear/Caroform Products

We recommend speaking to a specialist advisor for medical and pharma applications.

Our highly experienced sales team is available to discuss any requirement.

+33 241 52618282 · sales@carolex.fr

  CaroGreen Medical / Pharma-ceutical Food Other Datasheet Link
Caroclear™ AGL 10
Caroclear™ AGL 10 cx
Caroclear™ AGL 20
Caroclear™ BLS 30 ECO
Caroclear™ BLS 40 ECO
Caroclear™ BLS 40
Caroclear™ BLS 80 ECO
Caroclear™ BLS30
Caroclear™ MDL 50
Caroclear™ MDL100
Caroclear™ MDL60
Caroform™ PS 5100
Caroform™ PS 5180
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